Witness Spider-Man Bravely Battling Nothing

Witness Spider-Man Bravely Battling Nothing

During the climactic battle with the Goblin in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Madam Web urges me to “look for areas of weakness”. I’d say my arch enemy falling through the world and becoming untouchable counts.

This clip is just one of many technical problems I had with my review copy of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions on the Xbox 360. Falling through the world happened on at least one other occasion, only that time the game managed to right itself though a well-timed scripted event.

This boss fight with Spider-Man Noir’s Goblin was a total wash. You can see the screen effect when he tries to use his special attack on me, only nothing happens. I ended up having to restart the battle, thankful for the game’s checkpoint auto-save system.

For more on Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions tune in later today for our full review.


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