World Of Darkness Is Dark, Sexy, Playable

When can I be a virtual vampire? While developer CCP isn't giving out any dates for its World of Darkness MMO, EVE Online creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson tells Eurogamer the game is in a playable state.

Vampire the Masquerade creators White Wolf merged with EVE Online developer CCP in 2006, leading to talk of a Vampire-themed massively multiplayer online game. Sure enough, that project was outed in 2007, indicating a release sometime in 2011.

Now it is almost 2011, and we've not heard a word about the project, until now. Speaking to Eurogamer, Torfi Frans Olafsson gives as much of the skinny as he can.

"It's dark and sexy," said EVE Online creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson. "That game is in development but I don't have any comments on the status or the progress - except that I've played it."

The World of Darkness MMO is currently in development at CCP's Atlanta offices. I've seen the darkened, brick-lined cubicles the team is toiling away in, but was not allowed inside.

We'll see if we can change that in the near future. For now, check out the art concept video fan site The Masquerade recently featured for the game, seen below.

World of Darkness is "dark and sexy" [Eurogamer]


    Can you imagine how many Twilight-named characters like xXxEdWaRdxXx and ~*TeamJacob111*~ there would be?!?

      I was thinking the same thing..

    Oh god this looks awful, how big is the market for Twilight MMOs anyhow? To get teenage girls to play this it would have to be on Facebook in the form of a flash/java game with laptop-runnable graphics. I was excited when I read vampire MMO, but goddamit they did it again.

    In short, yep.

      You realise the Vampire the Masquerade, Anne Rice etc type vampires have existed well before Twilight came along and made it ridiculous right? Vampire The Masquerade was one of the better RPGs made in recent years and had a very interesting Gothic vibe.

      And the trailer looks pretty interesting. You're just confusing your irrational hate towards Twilight cloud your judgement.

        I 2nd Steve0410

        Bugs and all I loved vampire the masqureade which, from memory, has nothing in common with twilight other then the word 'vampire.'

        If they go after the twilight market for this MMO I defiantly won't be buying it and may even cancel my EVE subscription out of disgust.

        I don't put the time into EVE to really get it's full potential and mainly continue to subscribe because I love the universe and want to support some of the awesome concepts CCP has.

    Steve and Gorzilla are quite correct.

    Seducer-type Vampires have been around for ages. Anne Rice hypersexualized them. Twilight turned them into teen idols to be drooled over brainlessly.

    Twilight ruined vampires for all of us but that's no reason to automatically assume any "sexy vampire" is that bloodsucking sparkle pixie Edward Cullen.

    Indeed, Edward's devotion to 'remaining pure outside of marriage' is pretty damn good at desexualizing him, and many people do NOT find Meyer's style of Vampires even remotely sexy.

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