World's Greatest Samus Cosplayer Goes For Zero

Last year, top tier Samus Aran cosplayer Thaís Jussim promised to strip down from Metroid's famous Varia Suit to the infamous Zero Suit introduced in Metroid: Zero Mission. Looks like the Brazilian Metroid fan's made good on that cosplay promise.

Jussim, responsible for the most faithful, most technically impressive Metroid cosplay we've seen to date, shows off her latest creation - actually based on the Samus from Super Smash Bros Brawl, she says - at her deviantArt account. See it for yourself there in better detail.

She really nails the ponytail.

Yukilefay's Metroid [deviantArt]

[Actually, the below Zero Suit Samus has been making appearances in Sydney since 2009! Photo taken by jwbartle. -AU ed]


    Yowzers. That's so awesome. And she has the looks to pull it off, too.

    Hey, I think I saw her at Supanova in 2009...

      Yep, found a photo to prove it!

      (Referring to the bottom photo, BTW.)

    When did barbie get ugly?

      If you call Barbie hot, you must be high.

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