Xbox 360 Fall Preview Goes Live For 'Tens Of Thousands'

Microsoft's update to the Xbox 360's dashboard has gone live for select users who signed up to preview the latest changes to the console's interface. So don't be alarmed if you're prompted to update your Xbox 360 tonight.

This early look at the Xbox 360's latest revision will include changes coming to Netflix, Avatars and the system's dashboard. All-new additions, like Zune Music and ESPN for Xbox 360, will also be available starting today for select users.


    Insert standard (we are Aussies so we get nothing comments) here..

    I am talking more about ESPN, netflix etc. The beta program also kinda sucks because you lose voice chat to anyone NOT on the program with you... I'll wait to release thanks. Happy to hear if anyone got it and what their thoughts are?

      Still get in game chat.

      I've not heard if this has been activated in Australia yet... guess I'll find out when I get home.

        Hey, I've got the preview/beta and I live in Australia.

        Party chat sounds clearer when talking to people on the beta and it runs smoother than the current UI; looks great too.

    I am an aussie and i got it as well

    I've got it... I'm liking it.
    Faster, cleaner, almost seems too sterile though.

    So tens of thousands of users are now disappointed that their xbox looks like a computer with square ugly menu items. So unhappy with it.

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