Xbox Live Indie Clips: Radiangames Inferno

In this week's instalment of Xbox Live Indie Clips, we take a look at Radiangames Inferno. The developer calls it a "twin-stick action RPG". What the hell is that?

As it turns out, a twin-stick action role-playing game is a great deal like Gauntlet. It's got four-player same screen multiplayer, monster generators, doors and keys, and secret bonus areas, just like Gauntlet. It also has shops where players can buy ship upgrades, with upgrade slots improving as the game progresses.

It's great hectic fun for a solo player. I can imagine how much more entertaining it is with four players at once.

With 30 levels of gameplay, three difficulty levels and a new game+ option, Inferno offers a ridiculous amount of gameplay for a mere 80 Microsoft points.

Radiangames Inferno is available now on Xbox Live Marketplace.


    Damn. It's games like this that make me bitter that there's still no indie games in Australia. Bitter, gnarled, and twisted. And maybe a little sore.

    I would play the hell out of that game.

    Can we not post this sort of thing on Kotaku.Au? It's pretty much like kicking us while we're down.

    Looks like an interesting little game. I'd get it but the indy market place is in Australia :(

    On the note of Live, Borderlands is like $12 on the Games for Windows Live Games on demand marketplace.

      Meant to say Isn't in Australia

    Just make a US account and download the game - you can even play them under your AU Gamertag if they're already on your hard drive.

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