Yep, Japan Also Looks Silly Playing Kinect


    I wasn't planning on doing another Caption This! tomorrow...

    But I think this post pretty much decides the matter.

    Hmm perhaps I shall go with a caption that covers all of the pictures in one broad sweep.

    Japanese karaoke versions of the Village People hit 'YMCA' hindered by language barrier.

    It is just me, or does it seem extra strange that the first girl is doing that pose in a skirt? Clearly thats not a great idea.

    But then, as these photos show, not much about the Kinect is great.

    Look how far back they're standing - in Japan that'd be the equivalent of standing in your next door neighbour's lounge room.


    Crab People, Crab People, Crab People....
    Look like crab, talk like people.
    Crab People....

    On the left, third down. Had me totally confused for a few seconds.

    Love how in the first image the guys are trying to look everywhere but at the girl.

    Kinect: Integral part of Microsoft's secret agenda to make us all look like fools.

    Top Left - Silly, or hot? Lololololol.

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