Yes, Kinect Is Getting A Brain Training Game

In 2005, Nintendo published Nintendo DS game "Brain Age" in Japan, a title that claimed it could train players' brains. In 2010, Microsoft's Kinect is getting its own brain game.

Called "New Brain Training: Answer With Your Body", the game has players do things like swat balloons in order and play Pac-Man with their hands.

The Namco Bandai title will be out on November 20 in Japan and priced at ¥6279 ($82).

After Brain Age became a monster hit for Nintendo five years ago, the title spawned a series of similar type brain training games.

And Kinect has a whole slew of games that remind us of things we've played before.

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    From the games that MS have shown us so far, actually buying Kinect in the first place is probably a sign that you NEED some pretty serious brain training.

    This is the most retarded marketing bs I feel I have ever seen. Seriously, train your brain "with your body"? Who do they think they are kidding...?

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