Yes, Kinect Is Getting A Brain Training Game

In 2005, Nintendo published Nintendo DS game "Brain Age" in Japan, a title that claimed it could train players' brains. In 2010, Microsoft's Kinect is getting its own brain game.

Called "New Brain Training: Answer With Your Body", the game has players do things like swat balloons in order and play Pac-Man with their hands.

The Namco Bandai title will be out on November 20 in Japan and priced at ¥6279 ($82).

After Brain Age became a monster hit for Nintendo five years ago, the title spawned a series of similar type brain training games.

And Kinect has a whole slew of games that remind us of things we've played before.


    From the games that MS have shown us so far, actually buying Kinect in the first place is probably a sign that you NEED some pretty serious brain training.

    This is the most retarded marketing bs I feel I have ever seen. Seriously, train your brain "with your body"? Who do they think they are kidding...?

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