Yes, You Can Still Buy Atari Lynx Games [Updated]

Yes, You Can Still Buy Atari Lynx Games [Updated]

The Atari Lynx handheld is now 21 years old. You might think you can no longer buy new Atari Lynx games in Australia. But you’d be wrong.

Australian games distributor HES looks after a whole stack of gaming related products. They’re the publisher of the just-launched Rugby League Live for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. They supply a huge range of accessories, from Mad Catz controllers to Datel Action Replay to Saitek mouses to all kinds of console cables and handheld cases.

They also, as spotted by an eagle-eyed anonymous reader, sell Atari Lynx games. You can see a few pictured below and you can check out the full list on the HES website.

There’s no price listed and the links to individual game product pages don’t work. But we spoke with an HES rep and were told that, yes, they still have new Lynx games in their warehouse and, yes, they still sell them. Sadly, however, they stopped selling new Lynx hardware a few years ago.

UPDATE: HES has told us they do have some refurbished Lynx III consoles for purchase! Not only that, they have sent through an order form which includes prices for all games (most are $19.95 or $29.95 but a couple are $14.95). You can download the pdf form here and send your purchase order to HES today!

What Lynx games would you recommend picking up?


  • oh….my…god…. 😐


    Finally, a reason to bust out my old Lynx!!!

    I would recommend shadow of the beast, turbo sub, some drving shooty game that i have forgotten the name of, paperboy, calefornia games…. but certainly NOT batman!

  • Basically what the guy above said, still got mine proudly displayed in the lounge. Shadow of the Beast definitely, and Toki was a great handheld port of the original. Also S.T.U.N. runner was pretty cool.

  • So how much per game?

    I’d imagine if they are selling for the right price, they won’t be in stock for long after the collectors get at them…

  • Stuff to get?
    If you like multiplayer linkup, I’d heartily recommend warbirds and gauntlet, and that maze one whatever it was called.

    California games was awesome, as was stun runner and Lemmings. Toki was fun, and my daughter loves pacland. We still link em up on occasion. Todds adventure in slimeworld was the best game with the worst name ever. Rygar, Xenophobe, APB, Roadblasters, Paperboy. There were so many good games, and remember this was when the balck and white gameboy was out!

  • My local Gametraders at Westfield Marion have had these for ages. They are around $20 each – I think they have an account with HES so all the ones on the website should be available at the store

    • Ah thats my local too!

      They must have accounts with everything, they sell First4Figures too.

      I almost bought that Lynx there, now its gone 🙁 DAMMIT! How many times do I need to remind my buyers impulse it owns me?

  • I don’t know if im weird but have never really cared for the whole reto gaming thing. I mean I had a couple of minutes of fun with an old xbox with a bunch of emulators and roms and i did like to play some old games that I played as a kid (California games, pitfall, alex kidd, wonder boy etc etc)

    But I would not spend any money on this stuff and really couldn’t spend more than 5-10 minutes on this without being completely bored…

    I loved Psycho fox for the master system, played this again and only spent 2 minutes on it.

    Gaming has made such an improvement over the past 20 years, I just don’t enjoy going that far backwards….

    Not having a go any anyone that does enjoy it, but wondering if anyone else feels the same.

  • Here’s the lynx games they list that I remember very fondly…

    Blue Lightning
    California Games (better than the Game Gear version)
    Gates of Zendocon

  • Wow, looking down that list, I think we ordered half of it from HES back in the day. Still got 3 Lynx at my parents house (One original, the D-Pad from hell) and two of the second gen ones.
    From the list on the site I think we still have:
    Basketbrawl (Awesome game, been thinking about doing a remake of this)
    Batman Returns
    Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure (A link up one, used to play that tonnes)
    California games
    Chips Challenge
    Dinolympics (Great puzzle game)
    Dirty Larry Renegade Cop (Cool side scroller)
    Gauntlet (Classic)
    Kung Food (Pretty difficult, but great beat em up)
    Pac Land (Very addictive)
    Paperboy (Goes without saying)
    Pinball Jam (With the lovely Elvira)
    Rampage (Could play that for hours)
    Super Skweek (Another difficult but addictive game)

    Thats all that I remember from my collection, hope it helps with some purchase choices :).

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