Your Dead Rising 2 Zombie Apocalypse Pack Winners

A short while ago, you were asked to come up with the most elaborate zombie killing machine, using everyday materials in Rube Goldberg style. We announced the minor prize winners yesterday, and now here are the majors. Did you win?

There are some very good entries here, and it was close. As I said yesterday, the longlist was shorter than the shortlist in this competition, and there were lots of entries. Well done Kotakuers! Here are the five runners up.

Aaron sent in the Pogoslasher. Although I foresee a problem getting off...

Cole made creative use of portals in his entry. I'll have to pick some up on my next trip to the hardware store, although points were deducted for giving the zombie a fun ride.

Madeline clearly has a penchant for spikes. Points for complexity, AND because the zombie will see slow death coming.

Troy's Defence Machine malfunctioned at the last second, but at least it was accompanied by poetry. It also includes regicide. Mmmm, regicide.

And welbot's well thought out entry scored additional points for dismemberment.

But in the end, the grand prize goes to the following entry from Dane, who scored high in complexity, humiliation, hilarity, and with extra credit given for using items out of the game.

Congrats, Dane!


    Congratu-ma-lations to the winners, peoples! Well deserved, I must say.

    That Pogo Slasher is AWESOME. I'm not just saying it because its the first in the list either, I saw the others and they are great too. Its just it actually sounds like something that could be made in the game and it would be so fun to use!

      Well that's what I thought we were supposed to do haha!
      Wow, Mine looks nowhere near as complicated as the rest :S

    Aww not even runner-up :(
    Ah well, maybe next time!

    Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Made my day Junglist.

    I was hoping to get in today's listings but didn't expect the top prize. So cool :D
    Congrats to all the other entries too, was a tough comp...

    Lol at the Pogoslasher, that is awesomely unsafe to all. "Although I foresee a problem getting off…", haha.

    Those are some interesting uses of the "Rube Goldberg" machines

    woot! i r teh win something! A pen or something right? yay! My full entry can be found here..
    half animated anyway.. stoopid flash! grrr!! *shakes fist in the air*

      hehe loops will be a happy chappy too! And congrats to Sughly! Very cute entry!! :)

    Well deserved Dane, great idea and great artwork! Wear your jacket with pride! (Or wear it with shame. Or sell it. Or give it to me?)

    Others were great as well, I particularly liked the pogo slasher. Simple, yet effective



    Thank you sooo much Jung'!

    And yes, who doesn't love regicide?!

    Also congrats to all the other winners - glad to see you in there, welbot, old boy!

    Dane, that entry was absolutely epic - you have some serious drawing skills there - and love the fact that you used all items from the game - very, very clever.



    Those were completely awesome. Sort of embarrassed with my work compared to these :P

    And great judging, Jung. Every prize completely deserved.

    So how come Aaron's was the only one that could be actually be used in the game?

    I thought that was the idea of the contest.

      technically aarons didn't really meet the requirements of the comp. It stated that you were to make a complex rube goldberg style machine to kill zombies.

    I don't want to be in any of your bad books. You must be so vicious to people you don't like but I think you are all great great people.

    So... was I suppose to get something?

      I never received anything either Aaron, I have been trying to reach the editors to find out what's going on. Maybe the figurines came to life and everyone at the Kotaku office's are now zombies themselves who instead of eating human flesh, only consume video game related news from the internets?
      Just my theory.

        I think it's safe to assume we aren't getting anything :(
        I wonder if the proper winner did...

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