Your Consoles Are Not Made In A Happy Place

That's not street art. Those are the "suicide nets" erected at console manufacturer Foxconn's Longhua complex in Shenzen, China. Part of a great read over on BusinessWeek.


    i reckon if you got a decent run up you could clear the nets....

      China is a really nice place, but the sheer number of people can be overwhelming.

      Tis sad we exploit them (and they exploit themselves with artificially low dollar) to boost their trade surplus.

      One day I hope Chinese get paid decently and come into like with the rest of the world. But then its a non democratic economy so its quite doubtful.

        When Chinese gets paid decently, the factory will moved to India, when India gets paid decently, the factory will move to Vietnam, and so on...

        When all the world gets paid decently, then expect the price of all electronic goods (in fact all goods) to be sky rocket high.

        "One day I hope Chinese get paid decently and come into like with the rest of the world."

        From what I've read, there physically aren't enough resources in the world to provide every Chinese person "the American dream" (a middle class lifestyle, a house, two cars etc). So be careful what you wish for, I suppose...

      that's not funny

        You know what isn't funny? That you Americans will be the first to bitch and moan that your Playstation or Xbox costs over 500 dollars at launch. So self indulgent you are not aware of the human cost to bring you your consumer electronics. The same electronics you use to drown out the moral emptiness that eats at your souls at night.

        Denz is right, Suicide nets are useless, metaphorically and physically. A determined employee could very easily leap over those.

    I wonder if anyone's used them to NOT die, just to get a kick from taking a massive fall.

    This is probably one of the big reason they're all coming over to Australia in droves. People will want a better lifestyle somewhere at some point when they can't stand it anymore.

      It's hardly droves, migrating to Australia is beyond the financial capacity of most Chinese citizens. The greatest percentage of annual migrants to Australia are from the UK by a huge margin. Damn pommies, taking our jobs and warming our beer.

      In an unrelated note illegal immigrants to Australia made up less than 1% of the total number of immigrants to our sunburnt country, so why the hell was it an election issue? Blame the media.

        I'm not sure about the UK thing.

        PipeBands SA, a division of PipeBands Australia has been tracking the declining numbers of pipebands in Australia as a corrolation of the reduction in British immigration.

    They don't look like they'd be very effective.
    I suppose they may break your fall enough that the landing wouldn't kill you.

    the chick from mirrors edge would clear those nets. they should go with the halo foam instead

    you do all know its not the amount they get paid that causes them to commit suicide? while yes they dont get paid the same standards, and that is sad, and in a perfect world it would be fixed etc etc.

    its actually the whole sense of honor and fear of failure thing they have going on, you mess up at work? youre made to feel completely useless and often threatened with losing your job unless you take up the mammoth task of rectifying the issue or working off your shame, hence they are over worked over stressed and end up in spirals of depression from a constant feeling of failure, and then they turn to suicide.

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