Your Dead Rising 2 Zombie Apocalypse Pack Minor Winners

A short while ago, you were asked to come up with the most elaborate zombie killing machine, using everyday materials in Rube Goldberg style. And while we'll announce the grand prize winner and runners up tomorrow, here are your 10 minor winners. Did you win?

We got quite a lot of entries for this, and lots of good ones. The shortlist was longer than the "longlist".

But here are the 10 minor winners (sans schematic explanations), who each get a Dead Rising 2 poster:

Cheers to all those who entered. If you won, I'll be sending you an email - be sure to respond with your home address so we can send you your poster! And don't forget, the rest of the winners will be announced tomorrow.


    Sweet :D

    Some great entries; can't wait to see the major winners! :D

    Woohoo, minor prize, much better than I was expecting :P.

    Mine's the second one down, and if anyone wants to see it "working" there's a video of me making a fool of myself at .

    Also, gratz to all my fellow minor winners.

    w00t! Not the wicked sick-jacket, but still better than nothing! Forget Halo: Reach, Dead Rising 2 is going to be the biggest game of this month for me! Can't wait!!

    PS: Mine is the first one. Also grats to everyone else, these are already pretty cool, I can't wait to see what the major prize winners look like!

    Congrats all!
    Some great entries. I love the firestarter jr. Cool design.

    Nice work peoples! Good to see some creative juices flowing! Although Bogos's is a bit messy, it's pretty classic! BEEEES!!!! AARRRG!
    Mike's Firestarter Jr is pretty swank, albeit not very goldbergy ;) All the same... .well done peeps! Display your posters with pride!

    Woot, now to get to work actually building my zombie splattering death machine

    Looking good, looking good... particularly like the last one and the carousel myself.

    I also second the interest of seeing the major prize winners! I hope this exclusion means I might be amongst them :D

      good luck...

      Yeah the Ardvark is pretty damn funny

    Well done guys!!
    There's some really great stuff there!

    Mine's not there, so hopefully that means i may have won a contraption that could help me write betters...

    Then again it could mean i was a dud! HAHA

    Good stuff again guys, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! :D

    That's some funny stuff there! Mine was 'The Carousel'. It's not a real Rube Goldberg but I thought it finished a week earlier and it was 11pm Sunday already :( The bad spelling was a genuine mistake I wasn't happy about.

    These are good. I like the RC car, flamin' nailgun and sprinkler. The big winners must be outstanding!

    It'd be cool if we could make these in game. XD

    Congratulations to you minor winners! They're all great!

    Well since mine isn't here it means I either won top or runner-up or nothing....that doesn't help my anticipation!

    So should have entered.
    I had an idea involving a golf cart, super soaker full of sherry and a vacuum cleaner that fires bees with matches superglued to them but could not put it together properly.

    Sweet! Mine's the third one from the top, the "Rubber Maiden". These designs are all great, too bad that my overly complicated explanation of how mine works was excluded. XD

    Congratulations to my fellow minor prize winners!

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