Your First Look At Duke Nukem Forever In Action

Yes, Gearbox Software really is turning the perpetual vaporware Duke Nukem Forever into a real live video game bound for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

But talk is cheap; that's why we have gameplay footage as seen on 2K's official live stream of their PAX booth.

Leather-clad fists? Check! Urinals? Check! Hailing to the King? Unconfirmed.



    Looks generic enough for me. But I'll still play it for the historical value. Needs a gun that shoots dogs.

    Things that I've done while duke nukem forever has been in production: started and completed high school, and then a medical degree. Also: Puberty. What about you guys?

      What I've accomplished in the time it took 3DRealms to not make Duke Forever -

      Start + Finish Highschool
      Became a Husband
      Became a Father
      Been promoted twice

    Was there a blimp?

    Oh here's the gameplay footage, it was hiding from the front page :\

    How will this stand up against other FPS titles, like Crysis 2 or Battlefield 3? Besides Nostalgia, I have no reason to play it at this stage :\

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