Your Kotaku Talk Radio Podcast Is Ready

If you don't want the plot of last year's Bionic Commando spoiled for you, do bail out of the latest Kotaku Talk Radio at the halfway point. Otherwise, you may now listen to an hour of Civ/Halo/Bionic-Commando/DMC chatter.

... with a final, minor dose of Minecraft!

One hour of Kotaku Talk Radio is ready for you to download.

Hosts: Stephen Totilo and Brian Crecente Callers: You wonderful people.

Download the MP3 [Right-click and Save As] Get it through iTunes [iTunes] Download to your Zune [Zune NOTE: We are aware that this feed hasn't been updating and continue to work with our partners at CBS Radio in trying to get that fixed.]


    great game hope theres a 2nd

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