Your Ninja Gaiden 3 Demands

There was a time when some Kotaku misreaders thought I had the power to make Dark Cloud 3. Now some of you think I'm the one developing Ninja Gaiden 3. You have asked me to implement a few features:

Misreader #1 sent me this email last Thursday, probably in reaction to a story I wrote about Ninja Gaiden 3's development team soliciting fan feedback:

Make a Game more like Ninja gaiden black, that the second part. With more adventure, and the feel of combat 1 to 1 even when your facing many enemies.

Misreader #2 sent me this a day later:

I have a few suggestions for the new Ninja Gaiden 3 game.

1) I would like to see a new game plus feature, where once you have completed the game. You can start another game with all the items you had from the completed game.

2) Have different characters you can play the whole game thru with.

3) Have different pieces of equipment that you can purchase to make you able to take more damage.

4) Make the adventure last longer.

5) have more boss battles

6) Put the blood back in the game.

7) More variety of essence.

8) More weapons the you can shoot.

I loved all of the Ninja Gaiden games, and I used to replay all of them over and over until I lost them all in a fire. Keep up the good work and I know the new game will be amazing.

I would get to work on these right away, but I'm still busy pondering whether I should make Dark Cloud 3.


    Have the Thundercats as playable characters.

    Too much blogging, not enough Dark Cloud 3.

    I agree. More Dark Cloud.

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