Alice Is Definitely Crazy In Alice: Madness Returns

Fresh from Japan and some pre-Tokyo Game Show festivities, here's a trailer, screenshots and some art for EA's sequel to Alice.


    Can't wait for this to finally come out. This gen of consoles really lacks any good games in the horror department. Silent hill doesn't even count anymore.

    Heres hoping that project zero/Fatal Frame 4 will get a port to the PS3 for the PSMove....I won't be holding my breath though.

    But Alice: Madness returns is looking like it will satisfy my cravings for some good horror.

      I doubt FF4 will be ported considering that Suda 51 has moved onto new things. Even if they did they still wouldn't consider localising it for the US or Aus.

      I never played the first one, but I always wanted to. It looks pretty impressive

        Way to burst my bubble. Damn ninty for not bringing it to our shores =[

    My gf at the time was really into Alice on PC and I heard very good things. Unfortunately I never got to try it. I'm quite interested in this sequel. Looks bizarre, the way I like it.

    It already looks better than the most recent movie...

    Video isn't working for me :(

    Yes, yes, yes! Loved the first Alice, one of my favourite games. It's been a long time between drinks waiting for the sequel. Is American McGee still involved with this or not?

      Yes he is, as for as i know its still very much American McGee's project.

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