Zelda: Skyward Sword Is Looking A Little Different

Nintendo has released some new screenshots for upcoming Zelda title Skyward Sword. And is it just us, or are things looking a little...altered?

The original screenshots released during E3 showed a game with bright blue skies and an even brighter green tunic on our hero. These screens, from what look like the same areas, are noticeably darker, not just in terms of lighting, but colour as well.

I hope it's just a quirk of the screens, and not some knee-jerk measure in response to fan's reaction of the game at E3. I thought it looked great!


    I'm pretty sure it's just an issue with their capturing device or whoever supplied the images. I did a contrast adjustment in photoshop and kinda got it to look similar to how it 'should' look based on the early E3 footage.

    Personally i'm not a fan of the look of the game regardless. But whats one opinion compared to millions?

      EDIT: direct link to image

        Yeah even that adjustment isn't right. I can definately notice a dulled down colour scheme. I agree with Luke, and most definately do NOT hope it is said knee-jerk reaction...

    They should do both, the winning formaula in both the SNES and the 64 games were the different worlds to explore.

    I loved Wind Waker the first time around but didn't care much for the train one. And Twilight seemed a little bit to same same for me.

    Hmmm, sounds like they wanted to attractive the Diablo 3 fanbase who like everything to be "grimdark". ;)

    The guy who doctored the Diablo 3 screens is back and working for Nintendo's PR apparently.

    I noticed the change too, but didn't think much of it - you've brought it to my attention.
    I prefer it this way, and I liked the old look too.
    The dull sky is a little odd looking, but it suits the Monet-look Miyamoto wanted, and perhaps suits the game's theme more (dark forces, blah blah cliche blah).

      Also, seeing the giant, generic wiimote menu again worries me slightly.

        It's been stated that you'll be able to turn it off in the final game.

    Looks great to me.

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