Zerg Rush? Nope, It's A Terran Rush

Remember those sweet Terran Marine costumes from Starcraft II's worldwide launch? They weren't just conjured. They had to be made.

Atelier Fantastic' Art were the team responsible, the French costume and special effects studio commissioned by Blizzard to build not one, not two, but a ton of the suits for the various launches (and subsequent events).

It's not the first time the team have worked with Blizzard - they've done World of Warcraft and Starcraft costumes before - but these are certainly the most impressive.

[thanks Addy!]


    Lots.. and lots of epic win.. of epic proportions.......

    no words can express how much i want one of them!

    I want one so badly!
    I also really want to see them used in a StarCraft Live action video :D!

    This is a blank cheque sir. Write whatever number you need to make me one and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    Batteries must have been low.

    Not bad, but they need to design it for a a rugby player, or a professional wrestler...someone 200lbs and muscled...

    perhaps then it'll sit better.

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