Zombie Cow Won't Gets Its Privates On Xbox Live

The final verdict is in, and Xbox Live has said no to Zombie Cow Studios' Privates, the "educational" shooter set partly inside a woman's vagina. No hard feelings.

Featuring miniature marines with condoms on their heads destroying sexually transmitted diseases in gigantic reproductions of human reproductive organs, the chances of Zombie Cow's shooter making it onto Xbox Live or the Xbox Indie Games program were slim to none. Now the developer tells us that they've narrowed down their chances to none.

The guys at Xbox have been amazing," said Dan Marshall of Zombie Cow Studios. "They've been really supportive and helpful throughout, but ultimately have advised that the game wouldn't pass the Indie Games Peer Review process, purely due to its inherently sexual nature.

Don't worry, though, you can still play with Privates on your PC for free by visiting PrivatesGame.com or simply watch me play the game and save yourself the trouble.


    This is truly amazing it's no problem to have violence, gore, decapitations and dismemberment being accepted as normal, yet anything sexual even when portrayed in exagurated cartoon form is unacceptable.

    There is something seriously wrong with society if everybody were to think that way.

    Anyhow download it here for free, enjoy.

    "Boys have a penis. Girls hava a vagina!" - I remember saying that to my Nana when I was about 7 lol.

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