12 Old Games, 15,000 Bucks

Let's say you had a little over $US15,000. And let's say you were in Tokyo. What would you do?

Here is a list of 12 incredibly rare games that were recently spotted on sale. There are only a couple of hundred copies of some of these games, hence the insane prices collectors are willing to pay. These might not be the best games, but they are some of the hardest to find.

Time Gal

Time Gal was a 1985 arcade game that featured animated clips like Dragon's Lair. Priced at about $US833, the Pioneer LaserActive version is the rarest.

Gradius (Archimendes edition)

While it isn't hard to find Famicom copies of Gradius, the Archimendes edition is part of a 4000 run for a cup ramen promotion. But it's not just the box - the in-game graphics have been tweaked for the ramen promotion. Yours for $US852.

Metal Slug X

When games were originally released for SNK's Neo Geo, they came at a premium price. That price has gotten more premium with the passage of time. Metal Slug X for the Neo Geo is now over $US900.

Radac Tailor-Made

This title was created for tyre and bike maker Bridgestone so it could help customers build custom bikes. The "game" was only given to Bridgestone dealers. It now fetches over $US900.

WWF Raw and Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage

Game company Acclaim took some of its US-developed games and released them on the Sega Genesis. These games now go for $US975 and $US1197.

Shock Troopers Second Squad

Another SNK Neo Geo title. Make that another expensive SNK Neo Geo title.

Darius Alpha

Only 1000 copies of this game were made. It was part of a giveaway for gamers who purchased both the cartridge and CD version of Darius Plus and sent in their UPC codes. It's currently over $US1000.

Kunio-kun Dodgeball

This $US1000 version of Kunio dodge ball is gold (and thus, rare) because it was given out to players who won at the game's tourneys.

Z-Gundam Hot Scramble Final Edition

This game now costs nearly 2000 bucks! There are only 1000 copies, and it was given away as a contest prize. The game's 2D side-scrolling sections were removed for this version, and the Final Edition only features the 3D battle levels.

Yoshi's Cookie

Another nearly $US2000 game. Only 500 copies of this were given away, and the game features an adventure mode in which Yoshi learns how to make cookies. Yum.

All-Star Power League

There are only 100 copies of this game. Meaning? Meaning it now costs over $US2000. The game was given away by a Japanese children's comic and features some of the biggest baseball players of the late 1980s. The paper inside the case is part of the game's original documentation and probably bumps up the price a bit.

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