250GB Xbox Will Include Forza, Alan Wake

A new Xbox 360 means new Xbox 360 bundles for the holiday season, and one of the first cabs off that yuletide rank for 2010 seems to be this Canadian offer, including two full games with a 250GB console.

Those two games, both Microsoft exclusives, are a boxed copy of Forza 3 and a download token for Alan Wake. That's about it for the additions, as the remainder of the bundle is a standard 250GB console, which includes a headset and a single Xbox 360 controller.

So far we've only heard of this bundle being offered in Canada and Korea, where it'll cost 398,000 won ($360). If we hear anything more, we'll let you know!

UPDATE: Kotaku reader Stephan let us know that the bundle is out in Europe too. He bought one yesterday for €249 ($352).


    Well, that's good news for Alan Wake sales. Looks like there might be a sequel one of these days after all...

    Wow, ok, that's cool! Was thinking of buying an XBox mostly to play Alan Wake. Seems like the planets are lining up :)

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