3D And Gyro Sensor Might Make Racing Difficult

The Nintendo 3DS has 3D and a gyro sensor. That doesn't mean that 3D gaming and motion-sensing gaming go together on the 3DS like butter and Vegemite.

The 3DS has a sweet spot for viewing 3D. Tilt the console to the side and the 3D effect vanishes. Gyro sensing is based on tilt controls!

In a recent issue of Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto pointed out that it would be hard to have motion controls in a 3DS race game.

While the 3DS is capable of detecting when it is being tilted and still showing 3D, this might be difficult for a racing game as the viewing range could be more significant for real time racing games when compared to other types of games.

Perhaps Nintendo will figure something out - I can't imagine them bringing Mario Kart to the 3DS and not taking advantage of the system.

ニンテンドー3DSは、3D表示と傾きセンサーの同時使用が困難になっている [ゲームメモ via オレ的ゲーム情報]


    I think you are making some strange comments there - mixing up "could" and "should".
    They "could" make the game with tilt controls and 3D, but "should" they?
    If the 3D will not be preserved, why tilt? Would the tilt even be applicable? Racing games that make you tilt/turn your handheld don't really work anyway, as you need to retain the angle of viewing - cumbersome and awkward (IMHO).
    Racing game without tilt? Ok with me.
    Racing game without 3D? Still ok.
    Because a system can do something, doesn't mean the games NEED to use them all (just look to some of the awkwardly controlled Wii games out there).

    The gyro sensor would only be useful on a game like New Super Mario Bros. were you shake the controller to spin and so forth. I don't want to play a game on my iPhone then have similar controls on the 3DS....ewww that would be terrible!!!

    I've been thinking this ever since it was confirmed to have both 3D (with the sweet spot) and tilt. I hope that if they DO give something like Mario Kart tilt controls, they have it as entirely optional. I absolutely hated MKWii's tilt controls, and hope never to be forced into something like that.

    Never really got into MK Wii cos of the controls I think.

    Loved the fact you could play MK DS in a traditional way.

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