Tony Hawk Developers Face Redundancies

Tony Hawk Developers Face Redundancies

According to Gamasutra, Robomodo, the independent developers responsible for Tony Hawk: Ride and the upcoming Tony Hawk: Shred, are sadly going to have to lay off some staff.

A source in Chicago, speaking directly to Gamasutra, claimed that those made redundant have already been informed.

Tony Hawk: Ride was ill-received critically, but while it didn't meet exactly sales targets, it wasn't a commercial bomb, shifting over 1.5 million units at last count.

More info when we get it.

Source: Layoffs At Robomodo Amid Uncertain Post-Shred Future [Gamasutra]


  • Not entirely surprised. If Kotick’s business plan of shifting out more drivel packaged with plastic crap, he should expect the customer base to turn away. But more than anything, it’s the conceit that he believes gamers don’t know any better and are willing to pay more for less.

    He’s already run Tony Hawk into the ground and right on the money with Guitar Hero. Players are just going to tune out with the barrage of crap and look elsewhere, the real victims of this are the developers who just have to follow chain of command.

  • Chrono Cross has a 94 on Metacritic and a 92.18 on GameRankings, which I’d say are pretty good rocses, especially for a time when there was high competition between JRPGs on the PS1. I think most of the animosity CC receives comes from fans of CT. I can relate a bit. I’m a fan of traditional Hitman design, and the previews that have come out on the new, seemingly redesigned Hitman Absolution worries me, despite looking like a great action game.Anyway, there’s actually a fun, interesting podcast on the Chrono sequels that you might find interesting (I am late to the party. Just discovered 1UP’s Retronauts, and I’ve been playing each episode in the background while I do other things. The amount of older games that I want to play and replay has gone from “there’re way too many games” to “yup, at best I’m definitely going to die of old age before I get to play them all”):It’s filled with major spoilers from the Chrono series, so only listen if you’ve played the games. The game journalists in the podcast talk about what they like and didn’t like about each Chrono game, and they spotlight the text-adventure Radical Dreamers, which was the inspiration for Chrono Cross (and some of the great CC tracks seem to be taken straight from that obscure game).

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