Undead Nightmare: One Final Fling

I already mentioned in my open letter to zombies that, despite my zombie fatigue, I was still ready for one final fling with Red Dead Redemption. This video, which showcases some of the new weapons featured in the upcoming Undead Nightmare pack, only serves to reinforce my lust!

I usually pass on DLC released after the fact, but Rockstar has always been the exception to that rule - with the Episodes From Liberty City pack in particular being one of my favourites. Personally I'm really intrigued with the amount of effort Rockstar has put into both producing and promoting Undead Nightmare. Red Dead Redemption is easily one of my favourite games of 2010, and I'm keen to see what they do with this new zombie angle.

What about you guys - will you be picking up Undead Nightmare?


    This serreleously makes me want Red Dead Redemption.. *grumble*

      Haaa...I see what you did there.

      And in answer to the question - Yes.

    Bring. This. S##t. On. Hot damn daddio - this looks absolutely wizard!

      Hot damn indeed.

    I haven't picked up any of the previous RDR DLC - despite absolutely adoring the game (100% baby! :D) but man I'm excited about this lot. It's got a whole good mix of ridiculousness, tongue in cheek style fun that looks like a blast to play. Fingers crossed!

    I love how they've gone for the total cheesy 70s grindhouse movie look for this. It just totally rocks :D

    Haven't got any of the multiplayer dlc (except that free one), because none of it seemed worth it. I'll definitely be getting this one though.

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