8 Minutes Of Yakuza Vs Zombies (And So Much More)

Sega's next entry in its popular Yakuza (nee Ryu ga Gotoku) series pits its cast of Japanese gangsters - and hostesses! - against the living dead, resulting in total madness. Want proof? Here's eight minutes' worth of Yakuza: Of The End.

In addition to ridiculous amounts of zombie-slaying, the requisite Yakuza mini-games appear to be intact. There's ping pong, golfing, batting practice, pachinko, darts, mahjong and, of course, forklift driving.

Sure, the actual shooting looks a bit clunky in third-person, but did you see that guy's hand transform into a mini-gun?


    I know Yakuza is all srs business, and zombies is a bit of a stupid thing to inject into the franchise, but... I think it actually looks fun.
    But then I hit 5:40 and saw Majima singing. I was disturbed.
    But then they showed mahjong at 6:00 and all was right in the world.

    Looks hilarious, I might buy this come February.

    Surprisingly, looks like they may actually have a great game on their hands here! I didn't mind the Yakuza 3 demo, but it didn't really win me over; might check out the full game eventually once Yakuza 4 hits... then another twelve months until we actually get this game here...

    Holy crap this looks awesome. PC port please.

    Damn... Looks like I'll be getting Yak4 AND this... Didn't think it would be so damned... awesome!

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