A Bit Of Humble Pie Never Hurt Anyone

Peter Molyneux, boss of Lionhead Studios, indulges in a little public humility. He's being a little hard on himself. Magic Carpet was pretty damn great.


    magic carpet? (producer)

    dungeon keeper?

    both solid games.

    yes even as a child i mastered magic carpet's... stranger controls.

    I like Molyneux. I would rather we had a really idealistic, ambitious designer than a whole bunch of drones making really polished copies of Diablo, Starcraft, and Call of Duty. Things can only get better when we have someone like Molyneux pushing for new ideas, bigger and better plans etc.

    Pete, don't be so hard on yourself. You made Syndicate


    Possibly the best game of the 90s that wasn't an Ultima. Buck up and feel better

    And get your damned games onto GOG, I wanna buy syndicate again!

    What? WHY??!! Why are people so forgiving to this guy? He openly lies! That's not ambition, that's just a con man promising features in his games that are just not there, good be hard on yourself! I hate this guy!

      I can only assume you must be too young to have lived through his career. Just because his desire to innovate often exceeds the technical and financial realities of the industry doesn't make him a liar, and certainly not deserving of anyone's hate.

      He's one of the few major designers left in the industry who's still actually passionate about what he does, and while I can understand some people feeling let-down when his games don't feature all of his pie-in-the-sky ideas, I find it a sad sign of the times that so many gamers spend more time being upset about 'missing' features than enjoying what's actually there.

      Populous, Magic Carpet, Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper - these games are considered legendary for good reason, and while I agree that his modern titles don't live up to that legacy, they're still pretty damn good.

      But if nothing else, at least he's *trying* to make something new and different - a rare thing in this era where annual releases of more-of-the-same has become the norm...

        What the hell are you talking about? I'm 27 for one, no one else has passion? I think there is no lack of that, look at oblivion, now that's a materpiece can't say there was a lack of effort there, and his ideas are not even that good, what he promised for fable was already in games like knights of the old republic and many other titles, he just knows how to make out to the media like he is the first guy to come up with the idea. I have played a lot of his games and I stand by my comment, I HATE THIS MAN! If you have big ideas don't got to the press and talk about things that could be in a product that has already been finished and you full know well what is in it and what is not. Black and white, there was so much I remember him saying at the release of the game of stuff that you could do, I went out, bought it and all the stuff he spoke about of a already fully finished product was simply not there egro that is a liar.

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