A Closer Look At Half-Life 2's Headcrab Statue

Gaming Heads today released some better photos - along with release information - for their fancy-looking statues based on Half-Life's zombie headcrab.

Available in Q2 2011, there'll be two variants of the statue released, one with a saw blade at its feet, and one without. The one with the saw blade will cost $US315 and is limited to 300 pieces, while the regular, more plentiful edition (at 750 available) will cost $US300.


    Man... I would so totally like one of these.

    That is simply stunnig - i would kill for one of these... or pay $300 odd dollars for one.. either way...

    z0mg - Awesome. *sigh* wish I still had disposable income along with a more understanding girlfriend for my bizarre game item purchases

    Damn, this is cool as fuck. The heavy and the tank were kind of exciting to me, but nothing is more iconically valve than the Headcrab zombie (except for maybe the Free man himself).

    But still, at $300 that's a little too much for a statue, no matter how cool it is!

    I wish gaming heads would offer some lower quality/smaller versions of their stuff, for like $50-$100. Those, i would buy.

      Given the size and quality (this one is 1/4 size... so about up to your knee...) they're pretty decent value. But it would be awesome if Valve got someone else making cheaper and smaller PVC models ($80 sorta thing).

      I've pre-ordered the Heavy.. but I think I'll pass on the head-crap zombie =( (I'll probably regret not being able to get the full series when they announce a Dog statue)

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