A Glimpse Of The Call Of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Maps

Here's a glimpse at the multiplayer map select and killstreak screens of upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops.

While McWhertor detailed the killstreaks for Black Ops back in September, I think this is the first time we've seen what our source tells us is the full multiplayer map list.


    a glimpse you say this is not a glimpse it's just the names and 1 pic thats it

      Stay in school, kids...stay in school.

        +1 Doh LOL

    Generic ice map: check, Generic desert map: check, Generic industrial complex map: check...all it needs is Facility and Temple.

    No DE_DUST? What the feck?

      They copied gun game and all so why not the maps?

    Array looks at lot like derail from mw2, and i hated that map...

    the fact that "attack dogs" are an 11 kill streak makes me think they're going to be hilariously powerful pooches.

    Pretty excited about this, quick scoping gone, no nukes = less boosting, shaping up nicely.

    I haven't really been keeping a close eye on perks, etc. So what about 1 man army? Is that gone? All I know is that it made me a lazy gamer. Ruined my skill with every other weapon cos I'd just point and click with a noob tube and reload as many times as I could before I died.

    ooh and what about splitscreen online?

    Oh yay a modern warfare 2 expansion pack ! =D huzzah!

    only seems like yesterday people were ranting on about Cod MW2 and look how that turned out

    Kill this copy and paste shit please thankyou!

    The map names and previews of them have been leaked for about a week now. As for perks, they've more or less been 100% confirmed. Just google "black ops perk list".

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