A Left 4 Dead 2 Message Left 4 Japan

Found in The Sacrifice downloadable content. It reads: "Taki... I love you. Good-bye."


    couple of theories on this one floating around the SPUF

    First is that it's a reference to 'high school of the dead', the main character's name is Takashi, sometimes shortened to Taki.

    Second, and a lot less more conspiracy theory is that it's a reference to L4D3, which is rumoured to be set in Japan

    I saw this and was wondering what it said. Thanks!

    Louis reads it somethings.

    Call me clueless... is this in reference to Highschool of the Dead by any chance?

    Can someone explain this to me? What's the significance of the message?

    Taki Soma. Mike Oeming's partner.

    It was probably put in there as an easter egg for him and his missus.


    ai shiteru


    Is it selling welk in Japan or what? Any idea why the Japanese was included?

    Sounds like a suicide note... :S

    The kanji is a bit odd I think. 愛してる. We couldn't read it to start with. 変してると思った.

    Left 4 Dead 3 in Japan perhaps??

    And for the people who don't know it yet, it says:
    Taki... I love you. Goodbye

    if the HOTD chars on L4D then Takashi should playing this map alone (or with other char beside below), lol.
    The one who make??? his parents? Rei? or Saeko?

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