A Look At Black Ops Single Player Gameplay And Story

This latest Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer gives us a much better sense of what we can expect from the upcoming shooter, both the story and gameplay.

Treyarch and Activision's debut of the trailer on ESPN tonight couldn't have been timed better with Medal of honour due to hit store shelves tomorrow morning.


    Call of Duty? A Story?



        What he is saying is that the games are almost impossible to follow, the focus is on the action instead. I had no idea what was happening in mw2 and mw wasn't much better, it all gets lost in the action

          It wasn't exactly high fiction.
          What part were you having problems with?

    Well according to reviews MOH bunked, and i've heard fanboys cry over the un-realisticness of the graphics (seriously its a game, who cares about graphics these days, it should be story driven) looks like FPS genre is starting to become old in many cases

    hope there's not going to be doule weapons in multi-player nothing can kill fun quicker then 5 ppl rushing with doulies

    I feel like I've played this before...

    Deer hunter part looks cool though.

    I think I saw the return of the 1887 Model shotty :O What the hell? Same animation and all... :O

    On the motorbike scene... :S

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