A Look At Free-To-Play Star Trek – Infinite Space In Action

A Look At Free-To-Play Star Trek – Infinite Space In Action

Star Trek – Infinite Space gets its first trailer today, giving us a glimpse of what the free-to-play game hopes to deliver.

The Galaxy at War trailer launched along side the preview site for the upcoming game, which is set in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine time line. Gameforge promises to update the site regularly with news and specials.

This game could be just about the space battles and I’d love it. But the developer say there be “more elements to the game”.

“It will offer a deep gaming experience,” said Christian Braun, executive producer with Gameforge.

Star Trek – Infinite Space


  • Interesting, considering there is already a Star Trek MMO… and the space battles in that are pretty much its main draw card…

  • First off, that was a pretty sweet trailer.

    Second, it will be interesting to see how the federation fighting the klingons and the cardassians at the same time will fit within the established DS9 timeline… I’m guessing this game will simply be a shoot-em-up with no real significance or adherance to canon.

    Still, that was a sweet trailer.

    • I think you meant it the other way around 🙂

      Yeah, they got some of the sound effects wrong. The Defiant sounds like a Star Wars ship when it’s flying past for some reason. That music is Star Wars-y too.

      Anyway, this is only a pre-rendered CG intro, so it’s utterly meaningless.

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