A Look At One Of The Largest LEGO Libraries In The World

I spent yesterday hanging out at NetDevil with Tristan checking out their soon-to-be-released massively multiplayer online game LEGO Universe.

Between interviews and presentations we had a chance to wander around the absurdly-large studio and check out some of the LEGO creations and the studio's LEGO library, one of the five largest in the world.

The library is so big they even have a person who's job is to unpack arriving LEGO and sort and file them.

Check out the gallery for a quick look at the cavernous studio and a surprising number of movie, television and video game references made of LEGO.


    Four flavours of awesome. I could be locked up in that warehouse for the rest of my life and be happy.

    But ??? is that pink thing. I couldn't stop looking at it, thinking I was missing something. Is it supposed to be anything other than a large amorphous pink thing?

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