A Look At The PS3 Surround Sound System

Unveiled at E3 earlier this year, the Playstation 3 Surround Sound System hits North America next week. Let's take a closer look at why Sony thinks you may want it.

It is an audio system created specifically for the console, they say. Games like Dead Space and Medal of Honor show how important sound has become to gaming and if you're not going to buy a high-end in-room system, this could be good solution for you.


    Seems like a good mid-range option--if the price is right. Any ideas on how much this thing is going to cost?

      I believe the Ps blog said it was $179-$199.

      I'm looking to get a new TV over the next month or so, Would this be a good option to start with, before I throw down a few K for good 5.1?

    Looks like the Samsung SOund Bar just without the DVD or the wireless sub

    This really is a great idea that makes the PS3 a great buy, but it is unfortunate that it will only work with PS3.

    Its certainly a great buy for people that have one console (the PS3) and use said console as their primary media-playing-thingy but for multi-console owners it is a bit disappointing. If the device could do surround sound for TVs, PCs, Wiis and Xboxes it would be a must-buy for me.

    you are always going to get a better sound from speakers and a amp then a sound bar. i would just pay the extra $100 or $200 and buy a entry level 5.1, i think everyone would be much happier with the sound.

    I just bought one of these bad boys from hong kong plugged it in and boom away we go! Very happy with it does the job perfectly! Sound is awwesome!

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