A Look In The BlizzCon Swag Bag

Another BlizzCon, another swag bag. Time to open it up and see what QC-passed goodies await. Onward!

Running from October 22 to 23, the 2010 BlizzCon is being held at the Anaheim Convention Center. Tenacious D are slated to play during the closing ceremonies.

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    if no one has asked yet, may i please have the starcraft 2 trial?



    That looks so cool, but i'm jealous! I was hoping my bf would bring me home a treat, but instead BF dumped me right after the con and never came over or mailed the swag with my characters name on it! hes prob going to give some (censored) my loot! i wish i had gone with him instead of trusting him to go alone while i stay home to study! i blame my college for my bad luck! ;-(

    from Cleartsea (about Strio/strio13 on twitter)

    please help me get back my swag! tell him i'll leave alone when i get my stuff he ordered in my alias! that is my alias and noone elses! i'm so desperate that i even started leveling another mage under similiar name for it!

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