A Nintendo Console That Plays DVDs

The Wii might not be able to play DVDs, but this crusty old Nintendo Entertainment System has no such dramas.

OK, so the Wii can play DVDs if you know your way around the darker sides of console modification, but a Wii playing a DVD lacks the charm that popping open a NES to watch Deadwood has.

If you've got a spare NES, spare DVD player and enough self-belief that you want to try something like this for yourself, you can find a guide on how to do it over on Instructables.

How to make NINTENDO NES to a DVD Player [Instructables via Gizmodo]


    But he never even showed if it played!? All he did was open and close, open and close!

    And ruined a perfectly good NES.

      Ruined? The circuit boards die someday, you realise this, right?

    It's funny, the Wii is actually perfectly capable of playing DVDs. Wii Homebrew has proved that.

      It's funny some people read the entire article.

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