A Visual Guide To StarCraft II's New Custom Modes

Aiur Chef? Left 2 Die? StarJeweled? Blizzard DOTA? What's going on with the four new official game modes coming to StarCraft 2? These four visual guides will give you the skinny.

Revealed earlier today during the BlizzCon 2010 opening ceremonies, the StarCraft II team has created four new game modes based on popular titles and, in once case, a popular television show. Aiur Chef is Iron Chef. Left 2 Die is Left 4 Dead. StarJeweled is obvious Bejeweled, and Blizzard DOTA is Blizzards take on the genre that originated as a Warcraft III mod.

Check out these visual guides to get an idea of how each new game type plays.

Aiur Chef

Aiur Chef is a free-for-all competition to cook "recipes".

Collect ingredients and return them to kitchen stadium to cook.

Compete with opponents for points over three rounds.

Each competitor is armed with Psi Frying Pans and other fun weapons.

En Taro Cuisine!

Explore the Map for Ingredients.

Left 2 Die

Choos etechnology wisely against the enemy.

Keep defences stout against the onslaught.

Left 2 Die is a cooperative map where players hold out against hordes of zombies.

Players can earn currency to purchase tech upgrades.

Special infected are larger, more powerful enemies with special abilities.

The base can be easily overwhelmed if players don't work together.

Two special infected threaten the base entrance.


The Final Victory

Marines constantly spawn from each side to attack the enemy.

Players earn energy from the match-3 puzzle game which can be used to purchase units and spells.

StarJeweled is a 2v2 game that combines match-3 puzzle gameplay with tug-of-war style combat.

Blizzard DOTA

Breaking into the enemy base can be tough.

Currency earned from battle can be used to purchase upgrades.

Fight alongside allied creeps for maximum efficiency.

More combat.

Muradin and Slyvanas destroy an enemy tower.

The Final Objective

Towers can pack a punch.


    I'm a big fan of Bejeweled and I think Starjeweled is pretty cute. Promotion for Popcap as well.

    Blizz claims they didn't include LAN in part because they don't want to "fracture the fanbase"

    Well what the hell do you call it when half of the games online aren't even RTS anymore?

    LOL Ty WTF, any proof about the truth behind your statement? I don't think you even have a copy of Starcraft lol. MORE THAN HALF THE GAMES NOT RTS? LOL, WTF YOU PLAYIN

      Point out a mod that is RTS, maybe the DOTA one...

      so half the Gametypes (Original, Cooking, Jewelled, and DOTA) arent RTS.

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