A Week Of PC Gaming On Kotaku

One might think that Kotaku Tower is a place bereft of computers, or at least gaming on computers, judging by how infrequently we write about them. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

More than half of us actually love computer gaming. I myself grew up on PC gaming, skipping everything from the Nintendo 64 to the original PlayStation because of my deep connection with gaming on a desktop.

I remember sitting with a tattered thesaurus by my side, playing through word adventures on a TRS-80. I remember the first time I saw a game running on my dad's work 8088 or the joy of fast-playing through a tape of saved games, counting the gaps of silence, as I hunted for a bootleg copy of Joust.

My first, my only Summer of Brian, was dedicated to playing and replaying through X-Com. My first audio card was purchased so I could hear the sounds of dialogue in Wing Commander II. The first game I knowingly pirated was saved off the servers of my University mainframe.

Up until last year, I built all of my desktops from parts with my dad or on my own. I still have a closet filled with keyboards, mice, mousepads, and, yes, floppies. My dad has an entire room loaded with old computers and my Gorilla printer.

Whether you grew up in the age of computer gaming or have even ever turned on a game on a computer, if you're a gamer you owe your hobby to the computer. The first video games all ran on mainframes in the '50s and '60s. 1961's Spacewar! is a computer game.

This week we pay tribute to all of our roots as a gamer, looking at the past, present and future of gaming on a PC. Join us with your own memories, experiences, thoughts on gaming on a computer.


    I remember the first time I built my computer from the ground up about 6 years ago. Greatest day of my life!

    I pressed the power button and a high pitched beeping sound came from within. I felt so gutted that I may have destroyed some really expensive component...

    After 2 hours of investigation, I realised I hadn't plugged my graphics card into the output ports properly.

    From then on I ALWAYS check EVERY port when making modifications or builds!

    I remember breaking a dozen joysticks playing "Summer Games".....

    I remember when my mates dad got the Commodore 64 "Portable".....unless you were built like Andre the Giant, there was nothing portable about it, and the tiny screen made playing Nebulus hard, but we still loved it!

    I remember building my first PC from parts....an old 486!

    Oh those were the days, when gaming was all about us, when graphics and game types were fresh and raw, when LAN's we based on trying to match the impedence of those god awful BNC cables....

    Long live PC gaming, and my middle finger stands loud and proud to all those developers who are turning your backs to us...for a wide majority, we bought all the games that made you the money you have today...and if you looked after us more, tomorrow too.

    PC gamer here and proud. While I do own an xbox, my policy is to buy every multi-platform game on PC, and only the exclusives on xbox (like Halo and Rock Band).

    For me, the best part about PC gaming is easily the community. From the ease of accumulating Steam Friends to the hundreds of modders and mappers putting out custom content, the PC has something in it's community that the sterile, controlled environments of XBL and PSN will never have. Put that on top of the fact that i go to respawn LAN every couple of months, with around 500 liked-minded PC gamers.

    Ah, my old 486, that's where it all started for me. Playin Stargoose and Tetris clones. The days when you had to type in "win" at DOS for Windows to actually start. For a good number of years that's what I was stuck with so couldn't play Starcraft or Red Alert or anything like that. Then came 1999 when my family finally bought a brand spanking new Pentium III and that's where it all took off. TFC and Diablo II, poured the most ridiculous amounts of time into those two games back in the day.

    As a general nostalgic note, I miss those days when gaming was all about gaming and not about making huge profits to please investors. I also miss the days when PC gaming was at the forefront but hey, at least I don't have to build a new computer/swap out parts every year to play a new game now.

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