Across Age DX Is Like A Whole New Game

Not only does FDG Mobile's Across Age DX rectify the one issue I had with the original game, it looks absolutely stunning, courtesy of the iPhone 4's Retina display.

The original Across Age was a charming little action RPG, filled with time-twisting puzzles and old school charm, but the combat system was horrible. While one of your two characters could tap a button to cast spells, melee combat with the other was performed by bumping into monsters. Just bumping right into them.

Now FDG Mobile Games releases Across Age DX for the iPhone 4 and new iPod Touches and the bumping has been replaced with button-based sword swings. The developers have fixed my only gripe with the original game, making Across Age DX a game I would readily recommend to any iPhone 4 owner with RPG tastes.

It also helps that the game looks amazing as well. These are the crispest 2D graphics I've seen in quite some time, thanks to the iPhone 4's high resolution Retina display.

Across Age DX is available now for $8 in the iTunes App Store.


    doesnt work on ipod touch 2G?

    The combat was my main problem with the original game, and the reason why I deleted it. Will check this out again. Though, I'd still prefer it if iPhone devs would start using pathfinding, a'la Diablo II etc in such titles. This would make control intuitive and natural for a touch device.

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