Against A Giant Cat, No Amount Of Combos Can Save You

When someone says "it's a game of cat and mouse", this isn't what they're talking about. Though it probably should be.

This clip, by Marcus Blättermann and Susanne Wohlfahrt, is the Street Fighter of the animal kingdom. And in the animal kingdom, the term "balanced roster" doesn't really apply.

[Creature Combat IV, thanks Phil!]


    hahahahaha holy shit that was awesome!!
    The sound effects were brilliant, but the cat just looking confused at the end made it :D

    haha just brilliant!

    One of the best videos I've seen on youtube for a while :D

    I cacked myself at 1:23 (not that I wasn't laughing my head off the whole way through).

    A real cat would do a gory finishing move like in Mortal Kombat.

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