Age Of Empires Online Explained For You In Video

Back in August we learned that the popular strategy series Age of Empires would return as, oddly, a colourful online game. Odd? Let's look at 2011's Age Of Empires Online in action, shot today in Manhattan.

A Microsoft representative talked through a demo of the game for Kotaku during a showcase of the company's upcoming hardware and software.

Age of Empires Online will be out next year, from Microsoft Games Studios and Robot Entertainment.



    I watched the video, and...

    Online? Really? Why? For the "real time" aspect? Um, offline games can do that too. And can do co-op and PvP too!

    I think it has become blindingly obvious that game companies are flocking to "Online" games purely because it lets them off the hook in doing things like having a meaty campaign, story etc. They just talk out of their arse and go "you MAKE the story with your playing!" or crap like that.


      Offline games cant give persistent worlds for multiple players, they stated in the video that your city will run and progress while youre not there, that extremely hard to accomplish with a non-online only game for multiple players.

      I think the biggest worry is how they will handle any sort of "end game" for this and if you have military how they will handle that, itd be a damn shame to be able to be attacked while youre offline and come back to your city in complete ruins, but would also detract from the experience if cities disappeared while the player is offline or they just became invulnerable during that period.

      It will be interesting where they take this, and im for one very excited for it, ive been waiting for a more interesting MMO experience with a city builder since Cities XL, which was a novel idea but didnt really need the online portion to be P2P

      I think its more that MS just wants to milk a beloved franchise with minimum effort and simultaneously expand the actual gameplay and presentation to new markets.

    Kind of like what they are doing with Company of Heroes Online.

    The art style looks like The Settlers 3. Which is a good thing. I loved that game (except for the military, which sucked)

    Not loving the art style, but not hating it either. Since its free-to-play I'll give it a shot. I wonder if they'll micro-transaction "realistic" skins? :P

    Looks interesting...but my heart sank when I heard "Games for Windows Live" ><

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