All Aboard Sydney's Mario Bus

In case you missed it, our good friend Mario is 25 - and Nintendo are engaging in a smidge of surprise advertising to show off. If you're catching public transport in Sydney (these may be elsewhere too), you might be lucky enough to board the Mario bus. Is it too much of a stretch to call it a Mario Kart?


    I would totally pay to see Mario buses race around the CBD, trying to take each other out.

    This bus advertisement is in brisbane too.

    The sonic buses go faster

      The Mario buses are more consistent though.

        and still have their own console to play on XD

    I have seen the exact same bus in Melbourne. I think it was in Hampton. Very cool indeed!

    You would think this all but confirms the story about the 25th Anniversary game being released outside of Japan being true then...

    Seems stupid to go to all the trouble of painting buses and not release the game...

    Yep, they are here in Adelaide too. Made one 24 year old female squeal in delight.

      I, for one, would like to meet that 24 year old female who appreciates Mario so much.

      I too know someone who would do the same lol

      That 24 year old female would be me.

        LOL i'm actually pretty amazed no one got it was you :P
        I mean how else would you know she was 24?
        "Excuse me, how old are you?"

        Personally i'd squeal too, and i'm a 25 year old guy!


      Saw it on Goodwood road.
      Threw a banana peel at it.

      Yep saw the Adelaide one as well. Although there was a decided absence of 24 year old females near me when I saw it.

    It's not a Mario Kart unless it shoots Turtle shells to idiots in front of you who cut you off, and do idiotic things like change lanes without using their indicators.

    I love it when you see surprises like this while walking down the street, it just brightens your day. :)

    I too saw one in the streets of Perth yesterday.Kind of got me excited for a new super mario bros wii game

    On a tram in Melbourne

    Pity that 25th Anniversary game is Super Mario Allstars for the Super Nintendo but priced at 7000 yen and on the wii... If it were released on the virtual console you would pay about 1200 points.

    Don't get me wrong though, the bus is awesome.

    One of these drove past my house the other day. I live in Brisbane.

    And yeah, how great would it be if the Wii All Stars was an updated All Stars with SMW, Yoshi's Island, and maybe even Super Mario 64? Hell, if they made a bundle that included Sunshine too it would actually sell. But that's too generous for Nintendo.

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