Amazon Lets Slip The Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition

A swag-laden collector's edition for EA's Dead Space 2 briefly appeared on yesterday before being taken down, but not before this attractive image found its way onto the internet proper. Is that a replica Plasma Cutter I see?

Along with a large and lovely box, the Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition that briefly appeared on Amazon yesterday also features some sort of exclusive downloadable content, a copy of the Dead Space 2 soundtrack, and what appears to be some sort of animation cell.

The real meat of the CE, however, is that replica of the game's Plasma Cutter. It's a must have for anyone owning one of those attractive helmets we gave away when the original game came out.

It doesn't seem like anyone was fast enough to grab a price off of the listing. We're sure to find out more once EA officially acknowledges the collector's edition's existence.

Amazon reveals Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition contents [The Examiner - Thanks Maes!]


    Some update info I've found on the net:

    "EA has announced the Collector's Edition -- for the UK, at least. The plasma cutter is only packed with the Xbox 360 and PC versions, while the PS3 version includes Dead Space Extraction."

    "EA announced it for North America as well -- with no mention of platform exclusivity for the plasma cutter."

    - - lets hope Australia gets the cutter for PS3!!! I'd by from America but then the DLC won't work :(

      What a shame. That pic looks like the Plasma Cutter could house a playstation Move controller in there to play Extraction on....


      Fuck, not another game where I will have to buy 2 SKUs to get it all...

      I guess I'll have to sell the 360 version after the fact...

    I don't see any platform branding, which is odd. I guess because it's unofficial.

      Could be the PC version

    Epic shit can not wait for dead space 2!

    Nice...finally a CE I'm actually going to pay the $$$'s for.

    Sigh. Looks like I'm getting this on PS3 AND 360.... Oh well :-D

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