And The Female Clothing Battle Damage Continues

Costume battle damage is not new. In 1985's Ghost 'n Goblins, Sir Arthur was running around in his skivvies. But in the last few years, it's become far more prevalent - especially in Japan - and far more feminine.

Straight up, costume battle damage is fan service. It gives players a peek at a character's more revealing side. Literally.

Square Enix has included it in the upcoming PSP title The 3rd Birthday: the heroine not only wears destructible jeans, but also stockings. As the battles progress, the costumes can become increasingly tattered.

Likewise, upcoming Japanese PSN game Malicious includes costume damage.

The revealing costume damage has proven a sticky issue when these games are localised for Western audiences. Take brawler Ikki Tousen:Shining Dragon - the game's revealing costume damage caused its Western release to be put on hold over fears of a Mature rating.

『マリシアス』女性キャラでダメージを受けると徐々に服が破れていく仕様 [チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報]



    I agree with the fact that this game and others have been delayed in the U.S and other Western countries because of the maturaty factor. On the other hand, I think showing the damage on the physical uniform instead of just as a stat in your inventory is a great way to animate it. I love the games Japan puts out. Zelda has been around for YEARS and look how far it's gone and how much money they were racking in for it. It's a classic game. I play a game called Shin Megami Tensei, aka Megaten and/or SMT. THat game is absolutely awesome, but you actually have to check your inventory to see if any of your equipment or armor/uniforms are damaged, and you cannot get them back if you forget to check often and the item is way too damaged past the point of return and wouldn't be fixable.
    The thing about Japan is that they over look things. They seem to like what they animate, and if they want to make rated MA games that show even more nudity than God of War, then that's fine, but they over look the fact that it wouldn't come into other countries BECAUSE of that fact. I find it kind of unfair. I don't play games from my country, but I certainly play alot of games that come from japan becase I like the story line and the animation alot better. I know that the majority of my friends would rather play Japanese games as well, which if 10 out of 12 of my friends play those types of games that means more than half of the population of other states and countries are just as interested.
    It's definately something that needs to be looked over within the gaming industries. So you guys might have already mentioned. But where as the Maturity age in other countries os portrayed differently, in the US and some other countries, all of us have to wait til we are 18 or 21 to do basically anything. Even driving here will eventually be raised to 18. Look at Europe, for example; the people there can get married and have a house, car and kids of their own BY 16. They portray their mature people as the men who can produce sperm cell and the girls who can carry children. All of that is BY the age of 16. Well, I'm not saying I want to get pregnant or get married all that soon, but that slso means that, basically the PORN age there is 16. So here in the USA it's quite irritating that our games are 17-18+ if their mature, but they're bringing in underage girls for pornographic videos online. Excuse my language, but fuck that. It's completely unfair.
    Once again, Japan needs to look over ALL aspects of every country AND whether their games correspond with that.
    Thank you for letting me complain in this box for complaining.

    Also, I would love the name of this game.

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