Angry Birds: Two Million Android Downloads

After being released for roughly three days on Android, Angry Birds has already hit an astonishing two million downloads. It's worth noting that the Android version of Angry Birds is an ad-sponsored free version but, regardless of that fact, these numbers are huge.

The game has already been purchased over 6.5 million times on the iPhone App Store, with over 11 million downloading the free "lite" version since the game was released in December 2009.

Sometimes there seems to be a slight amount of snobbery towards gaming on smartphones, despite the fact that it's a huge area of growth for the games industry. Figures like this are a testament to that fact. On a personal level, I'd say that roughly 30-40 per cent of my gaming is now done on a mobile device.

Have you guys spent much time playing games on the go with your smartphones? I've spent a ludicrous amount of time playing Doodle Jump, and actually just finished Angry Birds in the last week or so. What do you think about smartphone gaming in general - will it eventually make handheld devices like the Nintendo DS redundant?

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    Certainly not redundant, just another competitor really. One I've succumbed to as well, seeing as there's only one more PSP game I'm going to play, Ghost of Sparta. Now my train/lecture time is me playing Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Helsing's Fire, reading (on my iPod) or spending a billion hours on Monster Dash. I am still considering getting a 3DS, the price is the make or break for me though. But again, one of the things that's so attractive about the App Store/Smartphone gaming in general is the price of it all. $1.19 for endless hours of mindless fun. As opposed to something like Daxter, which cost me about $60 and I played that for about 8 or so hours. And haven't touched it since (not that it's a bad game, it's freaking awesome, it's just that there really isn't that much replay value in it.)

    tl:dr: Nope, it's just another handheld console.

    Been playing Angry Birds on my Android today. Having a blast.

    Media convergence in technologies is inevitable. None of our current gen gaming systems are 100% dedicated to gaming. In time the technology will allow us to have everything in one or close.

    A device like the DS is right now will be redundant in future. But as we see with the DSi and the 3DS, Nintendo knows that it needs to constantly change to stay competitive.

    Hrm i cant seem to find it anywhere on the market.

    HTC Dream 1.6

      Hopefully that works!

    I've never really had a phone smart enough for games - at the moment I'm averaging a $45 phone upgrade every 4 years :D

    As a market, things look pretty solid but I think it could benefit from some more quality control, still I hope that things (gaming handhelds and smartphones) don't continue to blur together over time.

    I don't feel the extra convenience mixing talking/texting/gaming when you can't do everything at the same time, it's just a drain on battery life, and I'd much rather have something that excels in one or two designed functions than being just okay in five or six.

    But who knows, maybe that won't be the case - maybe we'll have things that work at a uniformly high standard. Until I see an iPhone with an analog stick though...

    I had looked at Android gaming as a less-than-viable commercial endeavour... this is encouraging and surprising, but it has certainly opened my eyes.

    Downloaded this yesterday off the Android market for my HTC Desire . It's fun so far. But to be honest most of my phone-gaming time on the bus is spent playing Live Holdem poker. Which is strange because I never play card games irl, but I'm addicted to the phone version.

    People like free shit: The story.

    In all seriousness, this does but a damper on the nay-sayers who said Android wasn't a viable platform for apps or gaming (compared to the iPhone).

    And no, smartphones will never completely supplant dedicated handhelds. There will be some convergence as phones began to outstrip handhelds in specs (esp with their much shorter launch cycles). But the very design of a slate phone does not lend itself to games besides gimmicky touch/gyroscope games or adventure.

    I'm not surprised games like Phoenix Wright were ported over and work so well on the iPhone.

    It doesnt work on the HTC Dream unfortunately.

    Even with 35MB of free space the installer keeps telling my that I dont have enough space and need to have 12MB free.

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