Apple Thanks Valve, Briefly Acknowledges Mac Gaming

How much of Apple's 90-minute keynote today is about games? This keynote is all about their computers so... does a few seconds impress you?

In the first few minutes of the briefing, Apple chief operation officer Tim Cook name-checked Valve, commending the company for adding the PC company's Steam service to Mac computers. "This is great for Mac and a great shot in the arm for gaming on the Mac," he said.

That's it. No games announced. No appearance of Epic Games to show a new game running on Apple hardware.


    the apple II was better then the current crap they have for gaming

    Obviously overly trendy people dont play games

      How could they possibly find time, what with all the Beret shopping and constant need of cafe-brewed Afogatto.

    Jokes aside. I don't think it was really the appropriate event to discuss games, the whole thing was about more casual friendly things and multi-touch. Doesn't really make sense to shoe-horn keyboard+mouse gaming back in to it. Also they showcased the Mac App Store, a little silly to pimp Steam Store heavily as well.

    Just focus of presentation I think really. Also Valve typically makes their own awesome announcements and marketing, Apple is not required.

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