Arc The Lad And Alundra Grace The PlayStation Network

A partnership between MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks results in the PlayStation Network re-release of two of the best games released by Working Designs for the original PlayStation: Arc the Lad and Alundra.

Working Designs was a company that championed the release of more obscure Japanese games in North America. Some of the most memorable (and most delayed) role-playing experiences for the original PlayStation were brought to the US via Working Designs, including the exquisite action RPG Alundra and the tactical battles of the Arc the Lad series.

Following the 2005 closure of the company, former Working Designs president Victor Ireland went on to create Gaijinworks. Through this new company, Ireland maintains Working Design's tradition of servicing the fans of obscure Japanese titles.

Titles like Arc the Lad, the tactical role-playing game originally released in North America as part of Working Designs' Arc the Lad Collection. This was reportedly due to Sony's reluctance to release the lesser-known titles in North America at full price, prompting WD to collecting three games in one package.

And games like Alundra, an award-winning PlayStation action RPG that sold more than 100,000 copies the first month of its 1998 North American release.

Both titles will be available tomorrow as PSOne Classics on the PlayStation Network for $US5.99 apiece.

I will be buying both. If they weren't digital downloads, I would hug them.


    I love Alundra. A few years I picked up a couple sealed copies of the US WD version. Still have both. I could never bring myself to sell the second copy.

    YES! Alundra was the best 2D zelda game, even if it wasn't zelda. I've still got my original PSone CD sitting around somewhere. Game was friggin' awesome. Although I do think they took a few liberties with the translation.... anyone remember bonaire, the token surfer / stoner guy? He took the ultimate bad trip....

    Augh, getting nostalgic for Alundra now. "Wind that shook the earth" and "Shrine of the lake" are it's best BGM's.

    Also, Alundra 2 sucked. Nothing at all tied it to the first game, and it was the worst move ever converting it to 3D. Guh

      Working Designs were a double edged sword. They brought over obscure JRPGs and lavished attention on them where no one else would and yet would take major liberties with the translations to make it more relevant.

      We owe WD a lot though. They pioneered elaborate collectors editions in the west and their success in the US paved the way for all that followed. For that I'm eternally greatful!

    To anyone who has not played Alundra - I can't recommend this game enough! I mean, I have the PS1 game sitting around already but am willing to download just for the sake of it. It is a classic.

    You know what? I think this is as good as any Zelda game.

    It is also the sought of game that ages gracefully.

    Does anyone remember that puzzle in the crypt with statues of the saints? Man...That puzzle devoured my soul.

    And the overworld theme is still stuck in my head. Maybe that is one of the tracks that Kraiden refers to.

    !!!!!!!THIS GAME IS GOOD!!!!!

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