Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Beta Comes To All PlayStation Plus Members

Sony's PlayStation Plus service moves firmly toward "worth it" today, now that Ubisoft has extended the beta program for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood from "select" subscribers to "every" subscriber.

Everyone in the PlayStation Plus camp should now be able to grab the game's multiplayer demo from the PlayStation Store. If you're hungry to play some Assassin's Creed Brotherhood right now, you might want to invest in the 3-month membership for the PlayStation 3's premium service.


    I have the beta, although i gave up after spending 3 hours trying to get into a match. When I did finally get into a match it froze my ps3.

    This happened twice ^^;

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      Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Beta Comes To No one, seeing as we're not going to let you play it.

      Like Denz, I've spent ages trying to get into a game. Not to mention it freezes plenty of times while trying to join a match. They really need to fix this. The introductory session and video show fun gameplay, but I haven't even played it against others. Such a damn shame.

    Have played a few hours in the beta so far - my first time with any AC game.

    It has worked fine for me, no glitches. The "wanted" game style is really quite unusual, and can be intense. A really polished game from what I have seen.

      @Seb think you're doing yourself a disservice mate by making MP the entry-point for your AC experience.... both SP games are worth playing, and you're especially missing out by not trying AC2.

    I had no idea I was previously a 'select' member. Just assumed everyone else got it too. Well, I tried it out the day it was released, got bored, then went back to Halo Reach on my X360.

    had a go last week i think wasnt all that fun..

    Is it actually available for AU players, or just US?

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