Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Shows A Mission Of No Mercy

Follow along an entire stealth mission in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood with this developer video Ubisoft just released. It gives a glimpse of some of Ezio's new means of dispatching foes, and hints at other items you'll unlock elsewhere in the game.

Also, an email Ubisoft sent to fans this morning revealed a new playable character class, the female smuggler, as well as Facebook game that you may try out here.

[Video via VG 247. Thanks to Ursus-Veritas for the email tip.]


    Time for a media blackout on Brotherhood; This is going to be a day one (well, however it long it takes to get from the UK)purchase for me.


    lol the combat looka pretty weaksauce, i love it how everyone just watches when you gut their mates...

    i love the AC series but if ubisoft thinks ill schill out for a yearly rehash theyve got another thing coming bring on the next numbered sequel instead of profit driven money grubbing rehashes

    Oh okay, so instead of making all the AI guards focused on you attack at the same time and giving you some sort of "escape from a lock position", you've sped up ezio to make it LOOK like they can't throw a single attack in.

    I guess that's a nice, quick fix! Well done Ubisoft!

    Why not start off with them all attacking ezio, and working on making "escape moves" or attack moves while being held by a guard while still taking damage and fatigue.

    You guys have a system that says, "You have 5 seconds to kill everyone, or you get attacked for 10, or until you die - whichever comes first"

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