AU Diary: On The Road

Hey everyone! It's been great kicking off working at Kotaku this week, thanks so much for the response. I knew you guys were a great community when I signed on for this gig, but I've been blown away by how brilliantly you've all been treating me!

Anyway, now that the sucking up is done, let's get down to business. This is my serious face.

It's all a bit crazy right now - there's currently a giant EB Vendor show going on, which means that there are precisely one million developers in town all aching to talk about whatever awesome game they're working on. Today we talked about Dragon Age 2 with producer Heather Rabatich, we just got off the phone with a producer on Epic Mickey, and tomorrow we're catching up with developers working on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and Shogun 2.

So yeah, big week, and you can expect to see the results of these chats soon!


    Your serious face is actually a road?
    I don't understand.
    Is this a metaphor?
    Like at the end of Terminator 2? Because that was a pretty great movie.

    Not taking anything away from Jung, he did a great job, but with a full time editor I feel spoiled.

    You've started at a cracking pace, but how long can you maintain it? :P

      He can probably maintain it until the next big game release he gets...end of this month maybe?

      Probably Fallout, then.

      On an unrelated note, Mark, is there any chance you could establish and/or encourage some kind of semi-regular feature/opinion piece from kotaku readers? I'm sure a community soapbox would be a popular article.

    ok i need you to track down 2 things for me before anything else -
    1.more info on Space Marine, especially if the name has actually become something cooler now
    2. new mech warrior - whats up with that?

    I know there won't be anyone there talking about either of these games, but you, if you sleep with the right people...

    I'd do it myself but 1. i'm not there and 2. some consider me physically repulsive :P

      Plus one on the Mechwarrior... please.

        Another +1 for Mechwarrior. Heard that Harmony Gold were again being difficult with the licencing of the mechs re the Robotech/Macross issues???

          I'd heared the HarmonyGold thing had been cleared up... again.
          Even if it hasn't, all the unseens have been redone (again) for the new TRO. Spoilers: they look badass.

    Ooo...Dead Space 2?

    "Anyway, now that the sucking up is done, let’s get down to business. This is my serious face."

    Why so serious?


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