Aussie Nintendo Store: Aura Aura Climber

Aussie Nintendo Store: Aura Aura Climber

Nintendo fans, we’ve have a had a good week with a ton of Nintendo news to pass the time. So will the week end on a good note with a bunch of great new titles to download?

[imgclear] WiiWare

Gods Vs. Humans (1500 Points, Zallag) – Strategy is back on WiiWare with an entirely original title from Zallag. In Gods vs. Humans you take on the role of a God whose human underlings are threatening to break through the sky and topple you off your fluffy cloud. Not everyone is against you though, so you’ll have to be careful who you take on. While it sounds simple there seems to be a fair amount of depth in it. It’s out first over here so no one knows just how it’ll be. It better be good though because it’s 1500 points.


Aura-Aura Climber (200 Points, Nintendo) – The definite star of the week this week is a new game from NST, who’ve developed such games as Wave Race Blue Storm and Mario vs Donkey Kong. This one is a little simpler but fun nonetheless. You’re tasked with helping a lost star get back up into the sky and off the streets of Hollywood. The game was very well received in the US when it launched sometime last century and for 200 points you really can’t go wrong.

Petz Dog Superstar and Petz Cat Superstar (800 Points, Ubisoft) – These two games are fairly similar but of course with the big difference of the choice of a cat or dog. Care for them, play with them – all without the joy of picking up their puddings off the back lawn. You’ll know if you need these.

Good news DSiWare fans, if you were worried about buying any titles in the DSiWare library and then having them locked to the one console forever, worry no more. It looks like if you plan to upgrade to a Nintendo 3DS in the future you’ll be able to transfer your purchases to the new system.


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