Aussie Nintendo Store: Chick Chick Boom!

A varied batch of games this week for everyone to check out, or to "chick" out as it were. This week, just out of interest, I would like to ask the readers if the fact you'll be able to transfer DSiWare to the 3DS has changed your purchasing habits on DSiWare. More? The same? None at all?


Reel Fishing Challenge II (Natsume, 500 Points) - Remember those arcade fishing titles back in the 90s that made liberal use of FMV and had some sort of weird (no doubt broken) fake fishing rod to swing about to catch these fish? Yeah, well this game is like that, and it's the second one in the series too, so someone bought the first one.

chick chick BOOM (tons of bits, 800 Points) - Before you ask, no it has absolutely nothing to do that Clare Werbeloff chick who got her 15 minutes of fame a couple of years back. No, this WiiWare is an interesting puzzler slash strategy game which pits chicks against chicks in a piano and elephant slinging match. You use ink to protect yourself from enemy attacks and you might even get some help from a corncob. For 800 points, you get a full singleplayer mode to work through and four player multiplayer.


Sleep Clock: Record and Analyse Your Sleep Patterns (Nintendo, 200 Points) - Nintendo's spent your childhood ruining your sleep patterns with glorious games. Now they're gonna help fix it. Sleep Clock is a diary for your sleep, start the timer before you head to bed and then tell your DSi how your slept just after you wake up. Mr Sheep is on hand to offer advice from the data you input.

Go! Go! Island Rescue! (Connect2Media, 500 Points) - You're Robbie the firefighter and along with your brave Rescue Squad, the 'Darwins' arrive and apparently all hell breaks loose. This one is still pretty new so there aren't any reviews out yet, are you up for saving the Darwins?

Virtual Console

SUPER E.D.F. Earth Defense Force (Super NES, Jaleco, 800 Points) - For over 200 years, the galaxy has enjoyed peace. Now AGYMA (no, really) is threatening that peace from the far side of the moon. Classic side-scrolling shoot 'em up action is here and it's going to be just as good as you remember it.


    It hasn't changed my purchasing at all. I already buy games when I think I'll like them and since I'll probably play them for about 1 week to 2 months I don't see how being able to play them on 3ds affects me. It's a great result that they can be transferred but I don't think transferring them is as big a deal for most dsi games imo.

    Super EDF? Awesome! That was easily one of the best shmups on the SNES.

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